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For an ultra-elegant graphic world

« Play with the shapes for a more rhythmic and trendy decoration »

The geometric trend is very much in the fashion world. Today she gets into your interior for a sparkling and original style. Squares, circles, lozenges, triangles or rectangles, the geometry settles on the walls, the floor, the textile, up to the stair railings. Inspired by the abstract art initiated by Mondrian, Kandinsky or Miro, the mode of geometric forms has been able to take advantage of their paintings. The CITY collection stands out from reality to offer another form of expression beyond appearances. It focuses on vibrations, sensations, emotions.

With the CITY balusters imagine and reinvent smart and sparkling railings and balustrades

Products of the collection City

Steel decorative casting CR116

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Baluster in steel CYB110

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Decorative panel in steel CYEL135

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Hoy forged steel base collar CS50

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