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Steel / Cast Iron

A beauty of style and shapes

« Genuine pieces of art that retrieve charm of yesteryear »

The cast iron is part of the metallurgical and artistic heritage. The original models of this collection were carved by Mr. René Deiber, “best worker from France”. These are pure-shaped balusters that reveal the nobility of the material (Spheroidal graphite cast iron), its color and its reliefs.

Railings or balustrades built with these elements fit in both, rustic and contemporary style


Spheroidal Graphite Cast iron balusters (GS), the ends are made of mild steel, allowing welding


Cast steel starting post finial

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Products of the collection Fonte d’Art

Starting post in cast iron FOP555

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Baluster in cast iron FOB133

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Base collar in cast iron FOC403

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Base collar in cast iron FOC62

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